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Dartmoor sling library is trying to make baby carrying safer and more affordable for local people. We offer a service where you can try out different types of baby carrier and have them fitted properly before buying them. As many baby carriers are quite expensive, it is important to find which ones will work best for you before you buy one. Most of the high street carriers are not the most comfortable for baby or wearer, but here at Dartmoor Sling Library we only stock carriers which are ergonomic for babies, and comfortable for wearers. It's also important that babies are carried safely, and we send away all users with a safety booklet explaining how to carry your child safely in all carriers.

We are open every second week on a Wednesday morning from 9.00-11.30 am. In the first hour I demonstate all the different types of carriers so people can see how they work, and what might work best for them. Then in the second hour and a half the library is just open for hires & returns.

Currently, the library & demo's run from Old Langworthy Farm in Widecombe-In-The-Moor you can find the full address and a map if you click here


The first library has had to be postponed because unpacking with toddling twins is taking a little longer than expected! Hopefully we will be open in February and they will run fourtnightly from then. We do hope to move the library in the future, so it is more accessible, so if you are struggling to get to us but could potentially offer a venue for a library in a local town then please get in touch.

Dartmoor sling library is run by Rose McAfee: I'm a mum to 18 month old twins and a Slingababy trained, babywearing consultant. I used to run the Oxford Sling Library and had a consultancy business in Oxford. I also run a facebook group Twin Sling , which helps twin parents & carers (from all over the world) to carry their babies. For me, carrying my babies is more than just practical, t's also just a really wonderful way to bond with your baby. Although I've found it's the best way to get the housework done, do the shopping, walk the dogs, soothe teething or refluxy babies, and get a fretful baby off to sleep.......and some studies suggest that babies who are carried for three hours or more in a sling each day cry 50% less, who wouldn't want that?

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